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Survey of environmental data through DECT Interface

Related Areas: Applied Research, Space Awareness

The project goal is the development of an indoor environmental monitoring system for historical building based on innovative sensors and on wireless communication. It includes a knowledge-based supervisor aimed at identifying pollutant sources.

The physical sensors are characterised by their different operating: low consumption with battery and high consumption with mains. Partner involved in the project have different responsibilities, e.g. the definition of innovative sensors, the realisation of a wireless infrastructure, the design of a knowledge-based module for recognition of pollutant sources, the implementation of a 3D GUI, etc.

SAL responsibility in the project is the definition and the implementation of the “glue” that ties together all the products derived from the partner activities. In other terms, SAL has to design and to implement the overall software system. In detail, SAL is responsible for the definition of an integrated model describing the building, the sensors, and the acquired information. Successively, SAL has to device the design and to develop a prototypal implementation of the system. Then it has to design and implement a graphical representation of both the building (in 3D style) and the state of the system.

People: Daniela Micucci Francesco Tisato

Dates: January 1, 1998 to January 9, 2003

Partners: Siemens Information and Communication Networks S.p.a., Consorzio Milano Ricerche, University of Milan Bicocca – Material Science Dep., Johnson Control S.p.a., Dani S.p.a., Catholic University of Rome

Financing: MIUR (Italian Ministry for University and Scientific Research)

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