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Augmented Choreography

Applied Research, Art and Technologies

Augmented Choreography is a research project about developing software tools and components for simplifying the realization of digital-enhanced choreographies. In particular, with Augmented Choreography we mean a Choreography whose shapes and structures are realized …

Augmented Theatre

Applied Research, Art and Technologies

SAL supports the application of digital technology in theatrical shows, enabling the so-called Augmented Theatre. An example of on-going collaboration is given by the show Augmented Pinocchio by the Italian artist Michele Cremaschi, where …

Anastatica Sensibile

Applied Research, Art and Technologies, Smart Environments

Anastatica Sensibile is an interactive installation devised by the Italian artist Daniela Di Maro. It was realized with the collaboration of SAL in 2012. The Selaginella Lepidophylla  plant, more commonly called Rose …

Survey of environmental data through DECT Interface

Applied Research, Space Awareness

The project goal is the development of an indoor environmental monitoring system for historical building based on innovative sensors and on wireless communication. It includes a knowledge-based supervisor aimed at identifying pollutant …

Mulichannel Adaptive Information Systems (MAIS)

Self Awareness, Space Awareness

The goal of the MAIS project is the development of models, methods and tools that allow the implementation of multichannel adaptive information systems able to provide services with respect to different types …

INtegrated SYstem for EMErgency (IN.SY.EME)

Self Awareness, Space Awareness

The project aims at studying and experimenting innovative methodologies and tools for the realization of integrated systems oriented to prevention and management of emergencies caused by natural disasters. The research activities will …

Tracking RFID-based Agents in Distributed Environments (TRADE)

Applied Research, Space Awareness

The research project aims at defining innovative technologies, models, algorithms, and solutions to support and improve some of the processes involved in the Supply Chain. To this aim, activities focus on different …

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