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Ambient Assisted Living, Ambient Intelligence, Applied Research

In the last years, research on techniques able to classify activities of daily living and to detect falls is very active. Many application domains will benefit from these techniques, first of all …

Falls as Anomalies

Ambient Intelligence

Life expectancy keeps growing and, among elderly people, accidental falls occur frequently. A system able to promptly detect falls would help in reducing the injuries that a fall could cause. Such a …


Ambient Intelligence

UniMiB SHAR (UniMiB Smartphone-based Human Activity Recognition) is a new dataset of smartphone accelerometer data. The dataset was created with the aim of providing to the scientific community a rich and complete dataset of acceleration pattern captured by smartphones to be used as a common benchmark for the evaluation of human activity recognition techniques.


Applied Research, Base Research, Plagiarism

AuDeNTES is an anti-plagiarism technique. AuDeNTES detects plagiarism via the code fragments that better represent the individual students’ contributions by filtering from students’ submissions the parts that might be common to many students due to the suggestions in the text of the exam. The filtered parts are identified by comparing students’ submissions against a reference solution, which is a solution of the exam developed by the teachers. Specifically, AuDeNTES first produces tokenized versions of both the reference solution and the programs that must be analyzed. Then, AuDeNTES removes from the tokenized programs the tokens that are included in the tokenized reference solution. Finally, AuDeNTES computes the similarity among the filtered tokenized programs and produces a ranked list of program pairs suspected of plagiarism.


Applied Research, Robotics, Smart Environments

Poomba is a mobile entity built with low cost devices. In detail, it has been built using two circular sheets of plywood with a diameter of 24cm put one above the other. …

Domain Entities Architecture (DEA)

Applied Research, Smart Environments

Domain Entities Architecture (DEA) is a layered architecture that offers a simplified access to instrumented environments for end-user applications by integrating heterogeneous hardware components and consequently abstracting their raw data into valuable …

Time Aware Machine (TAM)

Time Awareness

Time Aware Machine (TAM) is an object-oriented framework which simplifies the development of time aware applications. Time aware activities are performed by time aware entities, which can be classified according to their …

Reflective Graph Abstract Machine (RGAM)

Self Awareness

RGAM (Reflective Graph Abstract Machine) is an architecture-based approach to self-adaptation that exploits architectural reflection. The overall RGAM architecture is designed as the union of two well-distinguished sub-architectures: the base-architecture, which supports …

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