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Reference Architecture and Framework

Adorni, M. and Arcelli, F. and Bandini, S. and Baresi, L. and Batini, C. and Bianchi, A. and Bianchini, D. and Brioschi, M. and Caforio, A. and Calì, A. and Cappellari, P. and Cappiello, C. and Catarci, T. and Corallo, A. and Antonellis, V. and Franza, C. and Giunta, G. and Limonta, A. and Lorenzo, G. and Losi, P. and Maurino, A. and Melideo, M. and Micucci, D. and Modafferi, S. and Mussi, E. and Negri, L. and Pandolfo, C. and Pernici, B. and Plebani, P. and Ragazzi, D. and Raibulet, C. and Riva, M. and Simeoni, N. and Simone, C. and Solazzo, G. and Tisato, F. and Torlone, R. and Vizzari, G. and Zilli, A.

Mobile Information Systems, Volume , Number / 2006

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