Software Architecture Laboratory


Art & Technology

SAL works also on supporting avant-garde forms of Art which use digital technology as artistic medium.

This research line is performed in collaboration with Prof. Giorgio De Michelis (UniMiB).

This research includes:

  • Augmented Installations
  • Augmented Theatre
  • Augmented Choreography



Augmented Choreography

Augmented Choreography is a research project about developing software tools and components for simplifying the realization of digital-enhanced choreographies. In particular, with Augmented Choreography we mean a Choreography whose shapes and structures are realized …

Augmented Theatre

SAL supports the application of digital technology in theatrical shows, enabling the so-called Augmented Theatre. An example of on-going collaboration is given by the show Augmented Pinocchio by the Italian artist Michele Cremaschi, where …

Anastatica Sensibile

Anastatica Sensibile is an interactive installation devised by the Italian artist Daniela Di Maro. It was realized with the collaboration of SAL in 2012. The Selaginella Lepidophylla  plant, more commonly called Rose …

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