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Poomba is a mobile entity built with low cost devices. In detail, it has been built using two circular sheets of plywood with a diameter of 24cm put one above the other. Between the sheets there are the engines, the motor driver and the battery. Two wheels enable the movement. In order to keep Poomba steady there’s a pin with a metal sphere at the end.

On top there’s a stripboard connecting all the components, the Arduino board, the RN42 Bluetooth modem and a sensor tower. A motor turns the tower. The sensors are: a Parallax range finder laser, a tilt compensation compass and a serial color JPEG video camera. Total height is 21cm circa.
Currently, Poomba is being exploited in the DEA project and in a project that deals with Robotic Mapping faced from an architectural perspective.


People: Simone Bonetti Francesco Fiamberti Daniela Micucci

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