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Integrated Multimodal Platform for Urban and Extra Urban Logistic System Optimization (IMPULSO)

Related Areas: Applied Research, Smart Environments, Space Awareness

The IMPULSO project aimed at creating an integrated system for the management and control of transport and logistics.

The role of SAL inside the project regarded the definition of suitable architectural abstractions to reduce the gap between the enabling infrastructures (communication networks, object localization technologies) and end-user applications.

The proposed solution relies on the multi-space approach which grounds the SIS platform. It allows end-user applications to localize parcels (and other logistic significant entities) in different physical and logical spaces. For example, the delivery process of a parcel may be monitored by localizing the parcel either in warehouses or in vehicles, no matter “where” the parcel is in terms of geo-referenced coordinates. On the opposite, a parcel containing dangerous materials must be geo-referenced to capture its presence in a critical geographical area, no matter whether the parcel is on a vehicle or in a warehouse.

People: Alessio Vertemati Diego Bernini Francesco Tisato

Dates: October 21, 2021 to October 21, 2021

Partners: they include: Consorzio Milano Ricerche, Telespazio

Financing: Italian Ministry of Economic Development

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