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Smart Environments

Smart Environments (SEs) are ordinary environments augmented with input devices (e.g., sensors, vision and tracking systems, tangible and wearable interfaces) and output devices (e.g., screens, lights, speakers, mechanical actuators) that are able to sense and respond to the users which inhabit them.

SAL research about SEs regards the definition of architectures and platform for enabling the development of open and modular SEs as well as specific specific applications and components.

The focuses SEs applications include:

  • smart homes (i.e., domotics)
  • smart buildings (i.e., building automation)
  • smart artistic environments (i.e., interactive artistic installations)



Poomba is a mobile entity built with low cost devices. In detail, it has been built using two circular sheets of plywood with a diameter of 24cm put one above the other. …

Domain Entities Architecture (DEA)

Domain Entities Architecture (DEA) is a layered architecture that offers a simplified access to instrumented environments for end-user applications by integrating heterogeneous hardware components and consequently abstracting their raw data into valuable …


Anastatica Sensibile

Anastatica Sensibile is an interactive installation devised by the Italian artist Daniela Di Maro. It was realized with the collaboration of SAL in 2012. The Selaginella Lepidophylla ¬†plant, more commonly called Rose …

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