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Space Awareness

The concept of space has been widely studied in Computer Science as several domains and research areas (e.g., Geographic Information Systems, Video Surveillance, Ubiquitous Computing, Ambient Intelligence) strongly rely upon it.

Space awareness is the system capability of locating objects in virtual or physical spaces and of behaving according to spatial locations.



Survey of environmental data through DECT Interface

The project goal is the development of an indoor environmental monitoring system for historical building based on innovative sensors and on wireless communication. It includes a knowledge-based supervisor aimed at identifying pollutant …

Mulichannel Adaptive Information Systems (MAIS)

The goal of the MAIS project is the development of models, methods and tools that allow the implementation of multichannel adaptive information systems able to provide services with respect to different types …

INtegrated SYstem for EMErgency (IN.SY.EME)

The project aims at studying and experimenting innovative methodologies and tools for the realization of integrated systems oriented to prevention and management of emergencies caused by natural disasters. The research activities will …

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